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Delphi Tactical DPF-15 "Man At ARms" Rifle

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  The Delphi Tactical DELPHI-15 "MAN AT ARMS" Rifle... A man-at-arms was a soldier from the High Medieval to Renaissance periods who was typically well-versed in the use of arms. A man-at-arms could be a knight or nobleman, a member of a knight or nobleman's retinue, a mercenary in a company under a mercenary captain, or a modern day American Patriot.

  The term man-at-arms thus primarily denoted a military function, rather than a social rank. This everyday battle rifle is the perfect balance between high quality components and affordability with uncompromising accuracy. Backed by our rock solid sub-moa guarantee and transferable lifetime warranty.

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To expedite your order, please have your dealer email their FFL to us at with your full name. If the dealer you are using to transfer a firearm has not sent us a currently updated FFL to put on file, there will be an extended period of time needed to process your order. NOTE: You can also leave the name of the dealer you wish to use in the "NOTES" portion of checkout and we will contact them.

There will be a 30% restocking fee on all receivers returned because of failed background checks.

Delphi Tactical DELPHI-15 "Man At Arms" Rifle Spec Sheet-Front

Delphi Tactical DELPHI-15 "Man At Arms" Rifle Spec Sheet-Back