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Delphi Tactical Enhanced AR-15 Builders Lower Parts Kit (E-BLPK)

Delphi Tactical

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  The Delphi Tactical Enhanced AR-15 Builders Lower Parts Kit (E-BLPK) includes the necessary parts to complete your lower receiver, minus the commonly upgraded parts. The E-BLPK features parts made from precision machined steel for a smooth fit and finish, as well as Black Oxide coating for superior durability. The E-BLPK DOES NOT include Trigger Guard, Trigger Guard Roll Pin, Trigger Pins, Fire Control Group, or Pistol Grip. All parts are proudly made in the U.S.A.

Delphi Tactical Enhanced Take Down Pin (1)
Delphi Tactical Enhanced Pivot Pin (1)
Take Down/Pivot Pin Detents (2)
Take Down/Pivot Detent Springs (2)
Safety Selector (1)
Safety Selector Detent (1)
Safety Selector Detent Spring (1)
Bolt Catch (1)
Bolt Catch Spring (1)
Bolt Catch Plunger (1)
Bolt Catch Roll Pin (1)
Buffer Retainer (1)
Buffer Retainer Spring (1)
Magazine Release Button (1)
Magazine Catch Spring (1)
Magazine Catch (1)

Trigger Guard
Trigger Guard Roll Pin
Trigger Pins
Fire Control Group